You might have heard that this year, orange and black is coming back to the BTCC! Halfords is proud to be supporting the Honda Civic Type Rs of Team Halfords Yuasa Racing. In this post, we take a closer look at the new cars for 2016.

We caught up with the team for one of their testing days, and they couldn’t wait to show off their new cars and explain just how much testing and development goes into being competitive in the BTCC:


‘We modify everything that we can – there’s certain parts you can’t change, like the block and the crank. Everything else we change within the regulations.’ Said James Rodgers, the team manager.

Of course, this means a lot of work and a lot of experimentation to make the new engines perform at their best: ‘We 3D print a lot of parts… everything on the car is bespoke.’ James was proud to say. ‘Every time we go out, we are constantly looking to improve and refine our package to keep us ultra competitive.’

‘It’s difficult to put a cost on [the engine] because of the development time, but over the course of three years we will spend hundreds of thousands on the engines.’ He continued, ‘It is tenths of a second that count and hence attention to detail is key. Extracting the most from every component no matter how large or small.’

‘These engines are highly tuned, you can’t just turn them on and go like a road car. The fluids all have to be warmed and temperatures at optimum levels before we even turn a wheel. Our engineers are the best in the business and are that wee bit more clever than me!’


Ready to go

Gordon Shedden was just as excited about the new car: ‘it’s very orange!’, was his first comment. ‘There are lots of changes to our 2016 contender, not least that we are running with a new engine – nothing stands still in BTCC!’. Just like James, Gordon is confident in the work put into testing and raring to go for the new season’s racing: ‘we’ll be at the sharp end, we’ll be fighting for it – it won’t be through a lack of effort, that’s for sure!’


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