Bike racks are great. They let us take our bikes away with us! Whether we’re just going down to the park or heading off on a bigger adventure, they help us explore further afield than we could do otherwise.

That’s why we’re so excited about the new Thule 598! It’s a brand new roof mounted bike rack that makes it easier and safer than ever to take your bikes with you. Read this post to find out what’s new.

The new Thule 598 is a similar shape to the old 591, and holds the bike in the same places. However, they’ve made some great changes to make attaching your bike much easier and more secure.


How does it work?

Carrying your bikes with the new 598 is simple. Just put your bike onto the carrier and put the clamping arm around the down tube. Then, turn the large knob to grip the bike tightly – it’ll click when it’s tight enough, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your bike’s frame!

This torque limiter is a new feature for the 598, and the clamp’s jaw uses large, soft pads to match the shape of the bike. The new shape of the jaw also helps keep the bike from falling before it’s secured.

The new clamping jaw helps keep the bike upright while you put it on the rack and adapts to the shape of the frame.

Then, use the diagonal wheel straps to secure your wheels. These new diagonal straps hold the wheels firmly and are easy to adjust. If you need to swap the bike rack to the other side of the car, you can do this without needing any tools.

The diagonal wheel straps hold the wheels firmly.

The new Thule 598 is a refinement of a design that works really well, and makes for easier and more secure trips away with your bike! Click here to check it out.

Sign up to win!

To show you just how good the new 598 is, we’re going to give one away! Just fill in your details in the form below to be in with a chance of winning a limited edition red version. Cor!




  1. I’ve been looking at the Thule bike racks, but hard to afford one currently. I bought a Boardman FS Pro from Halfords to get fatter while I had cancer treatment, but now I’m a bit fitter I want to take the bike to other places to ride, this rack would just do the trick!


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