If you’re going to be travelling with your kids this winter, they’re probably going to be wearing coats! However, did you know that if your child is wearing a coat, it can mean that the child seat’s harness will not work as it should in the event of an accident? Read on to find out more about how to stay safe from our friends at Britax.

The problem:

When your kids are wearing their big, puffy winter jackets, or have blankets on them, the extra bulk can mean that the harness of the child seat does not hold your child properly in place. This means that, if there’s an accident, they’re not securely fastened in.

The solution:

‘It’s always a good idea to make sure that your car seat is fitted properly with a quick check before each journey’, says Mark, European Senior Training Manager at Britax, ‘but in winter, you should also make sure that any coats and puffy clothing are removed before fitting your little one in their child seat. It’s also essential to check your child’s harness is the correct height and tension to accommodate their winter clothing, like jumpers.’

Ideally, the harness should be as close as is comfortable and possible to the child’s body at all times, so that it can work properly and keep them secure and safe.

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How do they keep warm without a coat on?

Normally, wearing a winter coat means your little one gets too warm once the car has warmed up, and if it’s on under that harness, they can’t take it off!

If it’s really cold, you can always put their coat or a blanket over the top of the car seat and harness once they’re secure. That way, they’ll be able to push it off when the car has warmed up, too!

So there you have it – a simple change that can help make sure that your little one is safe in their car seat over the winter! To take a look at our great range of child’s car seats, head over to our site.

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