Have you heard about the latest thing in car stereos? Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are a new way to connect your smartphone to your car, and give you loads of extra features. Read on to find out why we think they’re great!

I don’t even know what one is

Then you’re in the right place! Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both built into car stereos. Lots of new cars can be bought with stereos that include this functionality, but you can also buy and fit aftermarket ones to your car to get all the latest tech without needing a new car!

As you might have guessed, Apple CarPlay works with Apple products (iPhones) while Android Auto works with Android phones. A range of stereos have both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you’re not stuck with one kind of phone! When you buy, just make sure that the stereo you choose works with the phone you like.

apple carplay

What does it do?

We were hoping you’d ask! Connect your smartphone to your stereo using a cable. Then, you’ll be able to use smartphone apps in the car. Some of these apps include voice controls, or can work with your car’s steering wheel controls, so you can safely control your music or navigation without taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.

android auto maps

What kind of apps?

There’s a selection of different apps that can be used with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Our favourites are Spotify – because we’re all about the tunes – and Maps – either Apple or Google – so you can find your way there and back again!

You can also use your connected stereo for hands-free calling, or listen to and dictate messages.

apple carplay installed

How do I get one?

If you’d like to upgrade your car to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, just head to our site! We’ve got a great range of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto stereos and what’s more, we can fit them for you, too.

Head over to Halfords for all the latest in-car tech, from sat navs and dash cams to great car stereos – just like these!

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