Whether you want to encourage someone who’s just starting out or you’re trying to indulge a full-blown MAMIL (or MAWIL!), it can be a bit difficult trying to find something that’ll really ring their bell! We’ve picked out 8 of our favourite gifts for cyclists to give you a bit of a helping hand.

  1. edge 800 touringGarmin Edge Touring Special Edition GPS Cycle Computer with Mount & Case

The Garmin Edge Touring is a GPS bike computer. That means it’ll track their position (for them to look at afterwards) and can measure things like speed and distance without needing to add anything else to the bike. You can also use the Edge Touring like a bicycle sat nav, following routes you’ve made and finding local points of interest.

Why we love it: As well as following routes you’ve made, the Edge Touring can even suggest new routes to you based on how far you want to go – it’s our favourite feature, and really helps out if you’ve been doing the same loop over and over!

  1. selle italia donna flowSelle Italia Donna Flow – Women’s Exclusive Saddle

The Selle Italia Donna Flow has been specially designed for female cyclists, with a shaped cutout and some extra padding. It’s perfect if you know someone who would ride more if it wasn’t for ‘saddle issues’! Want to find out more about women’s-specific saddles? Check out our guide for more info.

Why we love it: The Donna Flow isn’t just about comfort – the hollow rails and construction keep the weight low, so you don’t have to sacrifice performance either!

  1. rechargeable bike lightsRechargeable Bike Light Set

Even if you’re not riding at night, cycling in the winter months can mean going out in conditions where visibility isn’t quite as good. Make sure that your loved ones are seen with our rechargeable bike light set! Want to know more? Take a look at our guide to making yourself seen this winter.

Why we love it: They can charge up these lights over USB, so they’re great if you’re buying for someone who commutes to work and can plug them into their computer.

  1. elite turbo trainer bundleElite Magnetic Force Trainer Pack

Sometimes, getting outside in the cold, dark winter is just too grim. If it’s icy, it can even be dangerous. A turbo trainer means they can keep riding their own bike without having to go outside! This Elite Magnetic Force has adjustable resistance, so it’s great for all kinds of riders and all kinds of workouts. If you’re not quite sure what a turbo trainer is, take a look at our guide.

Why we love it: This pack comes with a front wheel riser block to keep the bike level, a water bottle to keep them hydrated and a training DVD so they’ve got something to watch! It’s just about everything they need to keep going all winter.

  1. altura cyclone pannierAltura Cyclone 20 Pannier (Single)

Are you trying to buy for someone who’s still riding to work? Maybe you know someone who is making a New Year’s resolution to start! Panniers are bags that you can attach to your bike (using a pannier rack) so that your bike carries your luggage instead of you having to use a rucksack.

Why we love it: This Altura Cyclone pannier is just the right size for your work essentials. It’s also waterproof, so they don’t have to worry about turning up to work with soggy trousers (or sandwiches!).

  1. Apollo phazeApollo Phaze Men’s Mountain Bike

If you know someone who is looking to get into cycling, but they don’t really know where to start, the Apollo Phaze could be the answer. Its lightweight aluminium frame, paired with reliable Shimano components and a comfy suspension fork, make this a great all-rounder for someone who is ready to start adventuring.

Why we love it: The Apollo Phaze is much lighter than similar bikes, making it easier to ride. It also has an upgraded gel saddle – something they’ll definitely appreciate if they’re just starting out!

  1. apollo jewelApollo Jewel Women’s Mountain Bike

The Apollo Jewel has a lightweight aluminium frame, just like the Phaze. However, it has been specifically designed for women! It also comes with reliable Shimano components and a suspension fork to help you tackle the trails.

Why we love it: The Jewel is brilliant for trying out different kinds of cycling, whether that’s commuting or just riding for leisure. It comes with a women’s-specific gel saddle, too, one of the first things new riders will want to upgrade!

  1. lezyne macro driveLezyne Macro Drive 600XL Loaded Front Light Kit

With shorter days and longer nights, it can be a difficult being a dedicated cyclist in the winter. Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and go outside! This Lezyne Macro Drive 600XL is bright enough for riding in the dark so they can still get out after work. It’s made from machined aluminium, meaning that it looks great too.

Why we love it: This ‘loaded’ kit includes loads of extra mounts, for putting them on all kinds of handlebars as well as on your helmet! It’s all packed in a protective case, making it perfect gift.

So there you have it – 8 of our top picks to help you treat your cyclist this winter! If you’re feeling inspired, head over to our site. We’ve got a huge range of bikes, cycling clothing and cycling accessories, so you’re sure to find something they’ll love!

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