Buying presents for kids sounds easy – until you have to do it! If you’re struggling with what to get your kids this Christmas, take a look at our gift guide for some help!

  1. flying discFlying Disc in Assorted Colours

These make great stocking fillers! It’s much easier to tempt your kids out to the park for a Boxing Day walk if you can entertain them along the way with one of these! It’s also nice to have while all the family are together.

What we think: If you’re looking for some fun that all the family can join in with, this is a great addition to your kid’s stocking!

  1. Range Rover Vogue Red Remote Control Car 1:14

range rover remote controlLooking for an indoor toy? This remote-controlled Range Rover is good for hours of fun! It looks just like the real thing, and even has working lights and independent suspension. Just make sure the grown-ups don’t get their hands on it – your kids might not get it back!

What we think: Remote control cars are great fun no matter what the weather is doing! Everyone will want a go, so make sure you’ve got plenty of batteries!

  1. Nextbase Car 7 – 7″ Portable In-Car DVD Player

in car dvd playerChristmas is one of those times of year when you’ll probably be doing some longer journeys with the kids. An in-car DVD player can make things much more fun for them (and easier for you!) by giving them something to watch along the way. Pick up some wireless headphones for them and you’ll still be able to listen to the radio, too!

What we think: These come in really handy over Christmas, but they can also make travelling much more enjoyable for your kids once the holidays are over!

  1. GWR wind powered car kitGuinness World Records Wind-Powered Car

This wind-powered car comes as a kit with loads of different parts, like different propellers and wheels, so that your kids can experiment and find out how to make the car that goes furthest or fastest! A great way to get their brains working on Christmas morning – and also great for getting the family involved!

What we think: These kits are brilliant for giving kids some practical activities that will get them thinking, as well as being good fun!

  1. motobike kids bikeMotoBike Kids’ Bike – 12″

Do you know a child who is raring to go out and get cycling? The MotoBike kids’ bike has cool motocross styling, with mudguards to keep kids clean and a chainguard to protect little fingers. It also comes with removable stabilisers, so they can learn to ride then take them off as their confidence grows!

What we think: The MotoBike really looks the business, and kids love it! Make sure you pick up the matching helmet so that they can pretend they’re really ready for some motocross at the same time as being well-protected!

  1. minions neck pillowMinions Neck Pillow

Another great stocking filler for those journeys to see family and friends, this Minions neck pillow is perfect for letting them have a little sleep on their way (or on the way back when they’re all tuckered out!).

What we think: After a long day of meeting, greeting and probably eating, your kids will have run themselves down! With one of these, they can get a bit of shut-eye on the way home and avoid being too tired in the morning!

  1. zinc volt electric scooterZinc Volt 120 Electric Scooter

Want to go the whole hog? This Zinc Volt 120 electric scooter is enough to drive any kid wild! With a top speed of 12mph and a run time of 60 minutes, they’ll be whizzing around to their heart’s content! It’s suitable for ages 8+.

What we think: This electric scooter is every kid’s dream! They’ll want to get outside and play with it no matter how cold it gets, so make sure they wrap up warm!

  1. Disney Frozen Bike – 14″

disney frozen bikeYou probably know all the words to the songs by now! If your kids are mad for Frozen, they’ll love this bike with all their favourite characters. It’s ideal for children aged 4-6, and you can take off the stabilisers as they get better at riding… or when they’re ready to ‘let it go’!

What we think: As well as looking great, having a bike that your kids love means they’re more likely to get excited about using it!

Those are our favourite gifts for kids this Christmas! Enjoy our gift guides? Keep your eyes peeled for more in the coming weeks! To see all of the great gifts we offer, head over to our Christmas Gifts page!

What was your favourite Christmas present as a child? Let us know in the comments below!

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