Did you know that you can donate your unwanted bike at a participating Halfords store and help change someone’s life in Africa? Want to see what happened when Victoria Pendleton donated her bike to our partner charity Re~Cycle? Read on to find out!

What is Re~Cycle and where do they send donated bikes?

Re~Cycle is a charity which can recycle your unwanted bikes and donate them to communities in Africa, where they can change people’s lives by giving them much-needed transportation.

How can my donated bike help make life easier for someone in Africa?

Your donated bike can make a real difference to people’s lives in Africa:

  • Bikes can save people from having to make long, exhausting journeys on foot, giving them more free time (and energy!) to work, study or spend time with loved ones.
  • Your donated bike can help people carry more water, firewood and produce to markets to help them earn more money to provide for their families.
  • Donated bikes give people access to education, employment and healthcare.
  • They create jobs for people who can repair bikes, or by letting people provide local delivery services.
  • And also give people the chance to learn new skills in bike repair!

VP bike arrival

There are plenty of benefits for you, too – you can free up space in your garage or shed, and won’t need to throw your bike away. Most importantly though, you’ll know that you’ve really helped somebody else out!

Where it all began…

Back in April, Victoria Pendleton kicked off one of our Re~Cycle events by donating one of her own bikes at our Aylesbury store. Re~Cycle sent Victoria’s bike (along with a container full of other bikes which had kindly been donated by Halfords customers) to the Village Bicycle Project in Africa!

halfords pendleton donation

Victoria’s Pendleton bike wound up in a small village called Nsuta, in Ghana. Once there, it was first used as part of a workshop for women to learn how to ride and maintain or repair their bicycles.

A new home for Victoria’s donated bike!

After the workshop, one of the women who had attended became the bike’s new owner! 28-year old Hannah is a farmer and food vendor, and with her new bike she can now cycle the 5km between her home and her farm much more quickly and easily!

halfords bikes africa

Hannah is also now also able to deliver food to her customer’s houses and visit her friends. Her new bike has saved her time and energy, made her more productive and given her more freedom . We’re sure Victoria will be pleased!

How can I donate my bike to someone in Africa?

It’s easy – just take your unwanted bike to a participating Halfords store! Adult mountain bikes are the most needed in the communities helped by Re~Cycle, but any bikes (including kids bikes) will be gratefully accepted and put to use, as long as they have no cracks in the frame and less than 25% rust.

Want to find out more? Check out Re~Cycle’s website to get your questions answered, or watch the video below!

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