One of the main reasons we love hybrid bikes is because they’re so versatile! Whether you’re popping to the shops or whizzing round the park, a hybrid bike combines the advantages of both road and mountain bikes in one! So, what kind of hybrid bike would be right for you? Read on to find out!

carrera womens hybridHybrid bikes – the best of both worlds!

Hybrid bikes are a fantastic option if you’re looking for a great all-rounder. They can cruise along on the road just as well as they can explore your local park, and are perfect for commuters or people who want to use their bikes to get around.

If you tend to do more of one kind of riding than another then it’s worth getting a hybrid that’s tailored to your needs. Choose the type of riding which you do most from the options below to see what features you should look for in a hybrid bike!

Find the perfect hybrid bike if you…

…love to shop!

When it comes to popping to the supermarket or indulging in a bit of retail therapy, would you prefer to pedal than drive or take the bus? Look for a hybrid bike which has:

  • Rack mounts – these threaded holes in the bike’s frame will let you attach a luggage rack, so you can use panniers to carry things on your bike instead of your back!

We love: The Carrera Subway 1. With rack mounts and a wide range of gears, this hybrid is ideal for popping to the shops.

…cycle to work

If you’d rather ride to work at your own pace than join in the rush hour jams, arriving awake, energised and in a much better mood, you’ll appreciate:

  • Mudguard mounts – so that you can attach mudguards. Much better than turning up to work with a skunk stripe up your back on a wet day! A chain guard can help keep your trousers clean, too.
  • Disc brakes – these work well in all weathers, so there’s no excuse for wimping out and getting on the train! If you want to go all-out, hub gears are really low-maintenance for every day riders.

We love: The Boardman Hybrid Comp. It has disc brakes and space to mount mudguards, so it’s perfect for your daily trip to work!

13 implicit alpha hybrid bike…want to keep fit

If you’re all about getting fitter from your riding, and you want to cover some more miles on the road, keep an eye out for hybrid bikes with:

  • Bigger wheels – 700c wheels are superb for building up speed on the road. They’re also designed for a more efficient ride – perfect for the closet speed demon!
  • Slick and narrow tyres – if most of your riding is on the road, slick and narrow tyres are faster and more efficient, to help you cover the miles more easily.

We love: The 13 Implicit Alpha. With its narrow tyres and aerodynamically designed frame, this hybrid is ideal for those who want to rack up the miles quickly and efficiently.

…like to ride for fun!

If you want to ride for pleasure, then the world’s your oyster! Whether you’re riding around the park with the kids or just enjoying the local towpaths, you can find the right hybrid. Think about getting a hybrid bike with:

  • Plenty of gears – a bike with a good selection of high and low gears can get you up the hills easily as well as comfortably riding at kids’ pace, but also means you can get moving on the road or coming down hills, too!
  • Suspension – want a bit more comfort? A hybrid with a suspension fork helps take the sting out of potholes and bumpy trails.

We love: The Carrera Crossfire 2. It has a suspension fork and a wide selection of gears to choose from for all kinds of riding.

Of course, the great thing about hybrids is that while you can get one that’s tailored to your needs, they’re all excellent all-rounders! If you’d like to find out more about hybrid bikes and what types are available then head over to our hybrid bikes guide here!

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