After the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España comes the Tour of Britain! Some of the world’s best riders will be duking it out across our green and pleasant land. Not sure what to expect? Read on for our guide to the race!

The Tour of Britain dates back to just after the Second World War, but the race as we know it started in 2004. This year, it’ll be taking place from the 3rd to the 10th September, with 8 stages adding up to 814 miles of riding. The tour travels all over the country, and the last stage will be the final 118 miles from Worcester to Cardiff.

Who’s racing?

tour series 2012The teams in the Tour of Britain are a bit more of a mixed bag than you might see in the Tour de France. As well as the world’s best Pro-Tour teams, like Team Sky and Dimension Data, there will be smaller teams from Europe and the UK. Finally, the national team of the country hosting the race are allowed to join in, so Team GB will be getting involved, too!

What that means is you’ll be seeing Olympic stars and world champions, like Mark Cavendish and Geraint Thomas racing with up-and-comers from the UK as well as their rivals from around the world.

The jerseys

tour of britain sprints tour seriesJust like many other multi-day stage races, the Tour of Britain has jerseys for the leaders of each competition to wear. Things are run a little bit differently to the Tour de France:

  • The green jersey is for the overall leader of the race. This is just like the Tour de France, where a rider’s time to finish each stage is added up. Complete the race in the shortest time to win!
  • The points jersey is blue and white, and is a little different to the one in the Tour de France. You only get points for this jersey by crossing the finishing line for each stage in the top 15.
  • The King of the Mountains jersey is green and white. Every stage has three or four climbs, and the first to the top wins points for this competition! You’ll need to lay off the biscuits if you want this jersey!
  • The sprints jersey is red. Are you feeling strong? There are 3 sprint points per stage, and the first person across each line gets points for this competition. However, you can also gain time bonuses by winning these sprints, so expect to see the leaders of the race getting stuck in too!

tour of britain guide tour seriesThe Tour of Britain is a perfect opportunity to see pro riders racing around your home roads. Racing is often much closer and more aggressive than the Tour de France, with riders trying to gain points and bonuses from the start instead of playing the long game and waiting for the late stages.

Are you going to go and see a stage? Maybe you’ve already picked your winner? Let us know in the comments! If you’ve been inspired to get out on your bike, take a look at our site for a huge range of bikes and kit! Who knows, maybe next year you’ll be the one racing!

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  1. I absolutely love to watch all of the cycling, and if I can’t see it as it happens I record it..
    Ive always liked cycling and enjoy doing it as a social pass time, last year for my fiftieth birthday a group of us cycled to Amsterdam and back, it was the best birthday ever.ive also taken part in some local sportives and do lots of spin classes. We curled round the Isle of Wight this year and also the c2c which was by far the hardest things I’ve ever done.. I’ve now got one of my daughters into cycling and she’s very keen too..
    I just hope that the roads become more cycle friendly all over the country as I’m sure it would encourage more people to get out there and start to to get a little fitter 🙂

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