Last week two lucky competition winners got the chance to ride with MTB legend Joe Murray and put some shiny new Voodoo Bikes through their paces! We caught up with Gemma, one of our winners, to find out how she got on…

Joe took our winners for a ride around Lee Quarry in Lancashire, where the Voodoo video below was filmed. It’s got a great mix of trails to test the bikes and riders, and everyone had a great time (and got a little bit muddy)!

joe murray winnersQ:           How did you feel when you found out you’d won?

A:            I was very shocked! I even wrote a status saying ‘I never win anything!’.

Q:           What made you get into mountain biking?

A:            I came out with my best friend and they took me down some routes. I was hooked from there!

Q:           What was it like to ride with mountain bike legend Joe Murray?

A:            Amazing! He’s very down to earth and offered some good tips. We discussed technique with regard to using speed to your advantage. We also talked about watching where you want to go and confidence.

lee quarry trailsQ:           What did you think of Lee Quarry? How did it compare to the trails back home?

A:            Lee Quarry was very different to Hamsterley. Hammers is a long ride up then downhill, whereas Lee Quarry was mixed from the start. The quarry had some technical areas, which is where my skills needed to be developed. By the time we’d finished I felt a lot more confident.

voodoo majiQ:           You rode the full-sus Voodoo Maji – what was your verdict?

A:            The design is very girly but not luminous pink. It was the first time I’d rode a double-sus, and it’s something I would take a long time to save for. I jumped at the chance to try a new bike and I was pleased I did! I found taking the technical sections was easier and less painful. I locked off the suspension for hills and then flicked it back on to come down with little effort. The saddle was comfortable and just seemed to fit. The feel of security (and not as if it’s going to snap!) gave me confidence to tackle jumps which I wouldn’t normally do with my hardtail.

Feeling inspired to hit the trails? Find out more about the new range of Voodoo bikes here! And don’t worry if you missed out this time round – keep an eye on our Facebook page for more competitions coming very soon!

lee quarry panorama

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