Ever watched a BMX edit and thought ‘I wonder how many times it took to get that right’? The answer’s nearly always the same: a lot! That’s not to mention the time training and practising, too! If you want to mix it up with the big boys and girls one day (or you’re just looking to get better on your BMX) then read on for our top BMX tips.

  1. Train with pads

Halfords Mongoose BMXHopefully this is one you’re doing already! Ben’s not wearing elbow and knee pads in the video above. However, it can take thousands of runs before you’re able to nail a new trick, and until then, you’re probably going to be falling off a lot! Practising with pads means that you can get back on the bike quickly and have another go – without doing yourself too much damage!

  1. Recovery is key/don’t dive tired

Mongooser BMXer in the Halfords DCEver spent a whole day trying to get a line down, and gone home tired and frustrated? Sometimes, you’ve just got to step back and come back another day. Your best chance at landing a trick is when you’re fresh and warmed up, not when you’re already tired from riding for hours! Relax, enjoy yourself, and make sure you’re ready to go if you’re trying something new.

  1. Look after your bike

Greg Mongoose BMXLook after your bike and it’ll look after you! Components will last much longer when they’re cleaned and maintained regularly, so give your bike some love. It’s also a chance to take a close look at your bike and check for any cracks or potential bits of damage that can result from the forces of jumps (and crashes!).

  1. Get the right BMX bike

Things are much easier when you’ve got the right tool for the job. Have a think about the sort of riding you’ll be doing before buying your BMX before you buy, and make sure it’s got everything you need. Take a look at our buyer’s guide to BMX bikes to find out more.

  1. Consistency is key

Mongoose BMX You probably aren’t going to get much better if you just have the occasional monster session once in a blue moon. Make some time to practise regularly, going over things to you and refreshing your lines and movements. Even if you only get out for a little bit, it can make a big difference to your abilities!

Are you a BMX guru? Whether it’s your favourite bike, top stunt for beginners, or favourite place to ride BMX, share the knowledge and let us know your tips in the comments below!

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