Ever wondered what goes into building a bike? Discover what goes on behind our scenes with Andy Meredith, our bike builder.

Andy can normally be seen riding to work on his BMX, or out on one of his other bikes (he’s picked up quite a few over the years!).

Building bikes

andy side shot bike builder“Loads of people want to get one of our higher end bikes but they don’t live near a Halfords, or they can’t get to one. If you order a Boardman, 13, Pinarello, Kona or Voodoo, and you choose to have it built and delivered, I’m the man who puts it together.”

“For people who’ve bought a high-end bike, it’s really important that they get the whole experience and that everything works properly.”

Andy and Halfords

Andy has been with Halfords for just over 10 years, starting off as a bike mechanic in our Selly Oak, Maypole and Lakeside stores in the Midlands before moving to our Support Centre in Redditch.

andy silhouette bike builder“I get through around 6 bikes each day. I take the orders from the warehouse and unpack the bikes, then do the full build and quality checks that you’d get in a store. Once that’s done, I’ll repack the bike and send it on to you.”

As well as building bikes for home delivery, he’s always happy to share his knowledge with us and help out with our own bikes when he can!

Stay tuned to meet more of the team next month!

andy smoke bike builder

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