This year, our cycle mechanics are supporting riders taking part in the 2015 Asda Street Velodrome Series! Street Velodrome racing is an exciting new kind of bike racing made for spectators and local riders, with events in towns all over the UK. Read on to find out more!

What’s the Street Velodrome all about?

craig maclean street velodrome
Olympic Medalist Craig Maclean checking out the Halfords team while pro rider Super Mario Presi watches his race prep

Street Velodrome is designed to be really accessible, no matter whether you’re watching or riding! Anyone can come along and have a go, and the racing is really exciting and easy to follow. Two riders race each other around a short oval (the velodrome), starting on opposite sides. The fastest rider wins! The track’s really small, so everyone can see the whole race, and it can be put up easily in city centres.

WP_20150802_005Depending on the amount of space, each course is different. While the two corners are always the same, the length between them (as well as the type of surface) mean that different strengths and skills will be needed at each round.

What kind of riders take part?

halfords team street velodromeEveryone races on identical Quella bikes, with riders from all kinds of disciplines (from road to MTB) mixing it up to see who’s the fastest. After a set of morning try-outs, the quickest amateurs get to go and ride with the pros, receiving some last-minute race tips – as well as the chance to try their luck (and skill) against the big boys (and girls)!

The fastest riders in each race progress to the next round, until only the best riders are left. The fan’s favourite rider is also brought to the final as a wildcard! There are no tactics, just all-out sprinting for medals in short, sharp bursts!

Hitting the streets

street velodrome worthingOur cycle mechanics team went to the Worthing round of the racing last Saturday and Sunday to check over and fine-tune the bikes before each round of racing. Everyone has to ride the same bikes (to keep things fair), and all the bikes have to run perfectly!

We’re looking forward to the next round of the Street Velodrome series, as well as the super-final, where we’ll be back to provide support to racers again! We’ll be supporting again at the next round in Ealing. Keep an eye on the blog for more updates!

If you’ve been inspired to get out and test your legs, take a look at our range of fixie bikes! Not sure what a fixie is? Read our guide to find out more.

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