Designed for easy pitching in a matter of minutes, inflatable tents are really starting to blow up! Read on to find out why you might want to invest in an air tent for your camping adventures this summer…

If you haven’t already heard people gassing about them (sorry!), inflatable tents are tents which use inflatable ‘air beams’ instead of traditional poles. Simply pump them up when you arrive, and let them down when you leave!

Setting up an inflatable tent

ue4p airThe last thing you want when you’re all excited for your holiday is to be stood around for ages arguing over how the tent goes up.

With an inflatable tent, just use the included pump to inflate the beams (which act as the ‘poles’ for the structure of the tent), peg down the tent and guy lines, and you’re ready to go! They can be pitched much more quickly than a traditional tent with fibreglass poles – usually in around 10 minutes, rather than fighting with tent poles for a few hours!

Inflatable tents are also great for solo or family camping, because they can be pitched by just one person. That means you can put them up quickly and easily without having to worry about keeping the kids entertained and out of trouble.

Blow by blow

urban escape 4 person air tentIt might sound like having inflatable beams instead of solid poles would make a tent weaker, but in fact, the opposite can be true! When it gets really windy, air tents can bend and bounce back, whereas tents with fibreglass poles could eventually snap.

The air beams themselves are very puncture-resistant, as well as being protected by a tough outer. In the (extremely) unlikely event that a puncture occurs in one of the beams, there’s no need to feel deflated. Repairing it is a breeze! Just use a repair patch – which is actually much easier than repairing a traditional tent pole.

Air tents at Halfords

As you can tell, we’re pretty pumped about our air tents.

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