If you’ve visited halfords.com recently you might have noticed a few exciting changes! We’ve made some tweaks so that you’ll be able to choose from loads of great new products when shopping online with us.

We thought we’d answer a few of your questions to explain what Halfords Marketplace is – and what it means for you!

So, what’s new?

Here at Halfords we’re now working with a number of specially selected Approved Partners so you can choose from a much wider range of products for delivery. You’ll order and pay for these the same way you would with Halfords products – the only difference is that it’ll be the Approved Partner who accepts your order and sends your product to you (and if you have any questions about a product or order you’ll speak to the Approved Partner directly).

Orders from Approved Partners can be delivered to your chosen address (but aren’t available for Click & Collect!).

Halfords Marketplace Products When you order you’ll be able to see exactly which Approved Partner will be selling and sending your product, along with delivery charges and times.

What products can I buy from Halfords Approved Partners?

Everything from ladders and tools through to toys and bikes! Currently there are over 50 Approved Partners selling a whole range of different products on halfords.com – but keep your eyes peeled as plenty more will be added over the next few months!

Halfords Marketplace Approved Partners

Where can I find these new products?

On halfords.com! All products from our Approved Partners are available on the site already, so just shop as usual and you’ll see what else is on offer. Want to find out more about Halfords Marketplace? Head on over to our Marketplace page, or take a look at the rest of our Marketplace FAQs for more info.

Happy shopping!

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