Remember being a kid and going past a toy shop and thinking ‘wow’? We certainly do! We’ve got plenty of toys to keep kids nice and busy, and we love it when something new comes on the scene that makes us feel like kids again!

Here are our top toys that have made us wish we were kids again – just so we could have a go!

  1. 665038Scooters!

OK, scooters aren’t exactly a new invention, but nowadays they’re not just as simple as a board, some wheels and a handlebar! The humble scooter has been made sturdier and lighter for those who want to do stunts. If you’ve got younger kids, there are loads of different ways that scooters have been made more interesting. From flashing lights to split decks and swivelling wheels, they’re a great way to get kids outside and playing!

We love… the Y Fliker A3 Air Scooter – The Y Fliker scooters have a ‘Y’ shape for a wide stance, and swivelling back wheels so you can ‘snake’ along the ground, as well as drifting around corners!

  1. Pedal tractor

166267Another classic. A pedal tractor won’t get your as far or go as quickly as a bike, but if you’ve got small children then there’s nothing better for trundling around in. The best tractors even come with front scoops or even trailers, so little ones can ‘help’ with the gardening as well!

We love… the Rolly Kid Massey Ferguson Tractor & Trailer Pedal Ride On. This ride-on tractor comes with a trailer, so kids can move toys, leaves or other things around the garden!

  1. Trail gator

186437bGoing on a bike ride with your kids is great, but kids might struggle to keep up or get tired before you get back to the car or house. A Trail Gator is a bar that connects the front of your kid’s bike to the back of your bike. Their front wheel is safely lifted off the ground, but the back one is kept on the floor. They can pedal to help out, or just rest and enjoy the ride.

We love… the Trail Gator, which comes with everything you need to attach your kid’s bike to yours. If you have any problems with fitting, there are loads of adapters available to make sure that if you’re heading out for a ride your kids can join the fun, too!

  1. 980342Play tent

This is a bit more of a simple one, but it’s great for really small kids. Play tents give kids a space to go and play and let their imaginations run wild. As a bonus for parents, tents can also double up as a place to keep toys, and can be folded up to a really small size when they’re not being used!

We love… the Princess Pink Kids Play Tent. Great for sleepovers as well as making a play area in your little one’s room!

  1. In-car DVD player

664577OK, this isn’t really a toy, but we definitely wish we had one when we were younger! Once you’ve got kids of your own, in-car DVD players are superb for keeping them entertained, and can make long car journeys a bit more enjoyable.

If you’ve got two kids (or they’re travelling with a friend) then you can get twin screens that will play from one source, so they can enjoy the same film together at the same time! Don’t forget headphones, so you can still enjoy some music or peace and quiet in the front.

We love… the Nextbase Car 9 Dual Portable In-car DVD Players  – With two 9” screens, this package has everything you need to keep your kids entertained on a long journey. Add some Nextbase CAR Series Wireless Headphones for a bit of extra comfort front and rear!

So, those are our top toys that we wish we’d had when we were small! Head over to our Kids Zone to see our full range, and find something special to treat your little one!