Dash cams are becoming hugely popular because they help you be sure that you’ve always got evidence in case the worst happens while out on the road. Now, three new dash cam models are coming to Halfords – including one for motorcyclists – and we’ve got the scoop!

Three new Nextbase dash cams are now available from Halfords – the 512G and the DUO, as well as the RIDE – a dash cam designed especially for motorcyclists! Here’s the lowdown on what’s new:

171409Nextbase 512G: better picture quality, so you never miss the moment

The 512G is the new top-end dash cam from Nextbase, designed for the ultimate in image clarity. Here’s how it ensures footage is clear in all conditions:

  • It’s the first dash cam to include an anti-glare polarising filter to remove glare from the windscreen.
  • This camera also features the very latest Sony Exmor sensor to make sure that all photos and videos are clear – no matter what the conditions.

Nextbase DUO: two cameras in one

171417As you might have guessed from the name, the DUO is a new camera from Nextbase with two lenses! This means that you can record footage out of the rear of your vehicle as well as the front.

  • One lens has a wide angle view so that everything in front of the car is captured.
  • The other lens has a zoom, meaning you can easily and clearly record out of the back window.
  • Both lenses swivel so that they can be aimed in the right direction.

171425Nextbase RIDE: protection for motorcyclists

The RIDE is the first dash cam from Nextbase designed especially for use on motorbikes, and it’s got some specific features to make it work smoothly out on the road:

  • The Nextbase RIDE is waterproof to IPx6 standard, so it can stand up to you being caught out in the rain on your rides!
  • The RIDE has a built-in 1 hour battery, so that it’ll keep working without power from the bike.
  • As well as this, the RIDE includes a RAM ball and socket mount, so that you can easily and strongly attach it to all kinds of bike and make sure it’s pointing in the right direction.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allowing you to view and download footage to your mobile.
  • You can also use the mini LCD screen to watch your videos and make sure the camera is in the right place.

Nextbase Dash Cams at Halfords

Whether you’re a motorcyclist or just want higher quality dash cam recording, these new models are a great addition to Nextbase’s award-winning range of dash cams! Take a look here to see the rest of the Nextbase range, or here for our full range of dash cams.

Not sure which dash cam is right for you? Take a look at our guide! And remember, here at Halfords we can professionally fit your dash cam in your vehicle for £30 (€35) – find out more here!


  1. Hi Peter,

    That’s right! When we fit your dash cam, we can hide the cable neatly behind the panels that lead to the fuse box. That way, the wire is out of the way and the inside of your car is kept tidy!

    Hope that helps,

  2. If Halfords were to fit a dash cam to my new Audi 3 , would the wires from the dash cam be hidden from view. Do the Halford team know the panels that have to be removed and put back neatly.

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