With its huge tyres and chunky frame, the Wazoo is the monster truck of bikes. Most of us see it and immediately want to have a go, but what’s the deal with fat bikes?

Fat bikes (in case you hadn’t guessed) get their names from their enormous tyres. These bikes and tyres were originally designed for racing in areas where other bikes couldn’t go. That meant sand and snow, and these customised bikes were raced across tundra and desert.


Of course, it didn’t take long for people to figure out how much fun a set of giant tyres could be! As well as taking on mud, snow and sand that would stop a normal mountain bike in its tracks, fat bikes can float over bumps and roots and open up new lines in old trails.

HA6A1666Worth the weight

Fat bikes have become really popular in recent years thanks to modern components and materials. Lighter frames and components (as well as better brakes and gears) mean that those fat tyres don’t need to be a drag!

HA6A1731VooDoo’s fat bike – the Wazoo – has lightweight folding tyres which cut down on weight while being supple enough to follow the shape of the trail. The rims are drilled too, to save weight. As you’ve probably noticed, they also look pretty cool!

A proper set of hydraulic disc brakes and a good range of gears make the Wazoo a usable bike, bringing the huge wheels to a stop and letting you get them rolling over any terrain. The light and strong rigid frame can take a beating out on the trail, but is nimble at the same time.


Happy trails

Fat bikes are all about fun, while being much more than just a toy. A good one is a serious bike for the trails and a great way to mix up your riding. Whether you’re hitting the local trail centres or exploring the Arctic, the Wazoo is ready to get up and go!

If you want to find out more about Voodoo’s newest fat bike, or see the new Voodoo range, take a look at our site! For now, here’s a video of the Wazoo in action:

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  1. Why is this blog now the only record of the Kona Wazoo fat bike? Completely deleted from Halfords website, as if it never existed?!

    Recalled? Lost the rights? Getting redesigned and repriced?

    1. Hi Dave,

      The Voodoo Wazoo was so popular that unfortunately all of them have been sold! We know that loads of people want to get their hands on one, so don’t worry, they’ll be back on the site as soon as we have more. Stay tuned and we’ll spread the word when the Wazoo returns!


      1. Hi, I just wondered if there’s any update on when these will restock, or a rough estimate? Might be my next bike depending on when it lands

      2. Hi Andrew,

        Thanks for your patience!

        Unfortunately we don’t have a final confirmed date for when the Wazoo will be back in stock but this should be towards the end of November. This will be the last batch of stock, and we’ll announce on the blog/on Halfords Facebook & Twitter when it’s available again!

    1. About 4 Tons Bro. Ha ha.
      I have one, but love it anyway.
      It trumps MOST surfaces, except Quicksand/Silt…
      If you are riding one on the beach and the tyres start sinking, don’t think you can ride through it like I did…
      Then back out, the way you went in.
      If ANYthink goes above the rim, its is not likely to get any better.
      If you get one, have fun.

  2. Is there any like waiting list for a wazoo as I would like to buy one, but as the last lot came and went before having a look in the flesh I would like to get my hands on one as nothing on the market is as good for spec and price.

    1. Hi Robert,

      Here’s the spec for the Voodoo Wazoo:

      Chain KMC 8 speed
      Rims Alloy black, 80mm wide
      Front Brake Shimano BR-M355 hydraulic disc brake
      Quick Release Front Wheel Yes
      Gear Shifters Shimano M310 8 speed
      Forks Full chromoly
      Frame Material Alloy
      Wheel Size 26″
      Tyres Veerubber Mission
      Suspension Rigid
      Geometry Fat Bike Adventure
      Gender Unisex
      Pedals Wellgo alloy
      Quick Release Rear Wheel Yes
      Headset 1 1/8th ball cage
      Tyre Size 26″ x 4.00″
      Chainset Lasco 38/24T
      Rear Mech Shimano M310
      Number of Gears 16
      Approximate Weight (KG) 16.5kg
      Rear Brake Shimano BR-M355 hydraulic disc brake
      Front Mech Shimano Deore M611
      Brake Type Hydraulic Disc Brakes
      Bottom Bracket Sealed square taper 100/164mm
      Pedals Included Yes
      Cassette/Freewheel Shimano cs-hg31, 8 speed

  3. Lovs my Wazoo, but out of interest, do you think you will ever do a bike with at least front suspension? What do you think is the possibility of upgrading the standard straight steerer fork to a tapered bluto option? Can it be done?

  4. Hi, what size inner tubes does the Voodoo Wazoo use please as i need to buy some spares? Also what paint is it best to use to touch up the matt black frame on the Wazoo as mine has 2 rather big chips out of the paintwork, right down to the metal, advise on repairs would be much appreciated?, thank you

    1. Hi Robert, you need big tubes- I don’t know if Halfords sell any. Maxxis and Surly make proper fat bike tubes but lots of people use the Specialized 2.3/3.0 tubes. They’re not really designed for the job but work well.

      1. You can use Schwalbe SV13F inner tubes, I have on my fat bike and works great. with a removable core too good for anti puncture sealant you wish to put in 🙂

  5. Thank you halfordsjames, yes that’s a great help.
    Is the Voodoo Wazoo still likely to be back in stock in Halfords in November 2015 in both 18″ and 20″?

    1. Hi Robert,

      Sorry if there’s been any confusion. We should be getting hold of a few more Wazoos before Christmas – keep your eyes on the site if you’d like to get your hands of one!
      Don’t worry if you’ve missed out this time – who knows what the future might hold?

      Hope this helps,

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      We should be getting a very limited number of Wazoos before Christmas – keep your eyes on the site if you’d like to get a hold of one!
      Don’t worry if you’ve missed out – who knows what the future might hold?


  6. Have sold my Voodoo Canzo to make room for a wazoo, would there be any way you could notifying me when they come on sale in the northeast please?

  7. Hi just bought a voodoo wazoo before Christmas I take it out on most. Days of it amazing how it handle’s over very rough terrain better than most mountain bikes that would struggle but you still get ppl who think its just for snow not. True. At all it’s a good all round bike I was wondering what’s the widest tyre will it. Take 😃

    1. Hi Scott,

      Great to hear you’ve been enjoying the Wazoo! Because tyre sizes differ between manufacturers (for example, one company’s 4 inch tyre might be a different size to another’s), we can’t give you an exact size that will definitely fit the bike. The Wazoo was designed with the 4 inch tyre in mind, and we think it’s a great match. If you’d like to try a bigger one, make sure that there’s enough room around the tyre to allow for mud clearance.

      Enjoy the ride!

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