It’s that time again – we’re going to meet one of the team and see what makes them tick! This time, we’ve spoken to one of our resident car nuts to find out about his latest project.

image4Rob is assistant manager at our Herne Bay store, and has built his mini from the ground up to Mini Miglia spec. What does that mean? Think of it like a miniature touring car! The whole car has been stripped and rebuilt to be an out-and-out racer.

Rob’s worked at Halfords for nearly 9 years now, and spends his free time either building cars or travelling around the UK with friends and dogs in tow!

Rob said: ‘I’ve mostly had old VWs that I’ve worked on. My last one was a MK1 Caddy with a new TD engine. I used it for some track days, but all my cars until now have been daily drivers as well. This one [the mini] is going to be just for the track, so I’ve been able to go all out.’

Bobby was supposed to be helping out, but he just kept barking orders!
Bobby was supposed to be helping out, but he just kept barking orders!

And he really has! ‘I’ve built the car up from a rough shell. It came from Scotland and just about every part has needed to be custom made or modified – right down to the nuts and bolts.’

Where possible, Rob has had parts made from billet aluminium or titanium to save weight, and the mini has a carbon fibre front end. A full Vickers race engine provides the power to a dog box. ‘I need to thank loads of people for their help’, he says, ‘especially my friends, Peter Vickers, Arnold at Kad, Altered Image, and Carbon Weasel, as well as plenty more!’

So far, the car has just been out for testing, but by next season he hopes to be finished and ready to race! We’re looking forward to seeing this mini tearing up the time attacks and track days when it all comes together.

Take a look at our image gallery below for more pictures. If you’d like to follow his project, take a look at his Instagram!

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