Hopefully we haven’t taken you by surprise too much by telling you that Father’s Day is coming soon! We’ve put together our top gifts for all kinds of dads this year. Whether you just want to give a token of your appreciation, or you’d really like to splash out on a treat, we’ve got something for you – and him!

  1. Autoglym Super Resin Polish Gift Collection – £15.00

124515Dad’s car always takes a bit of a beating. He does his best to keep his pride and joy ship-shape after all those years of driving you around – even if you think he secretly likes cleaning the car! Autoglym’s Super Resin Polish will give it an incredible shine, and restore his much loved paintwork to its former glory.

  1. 101 Things to Do in a Shed Book – £10.00

138903We used to say that a man’s house was his castle, but more and more dads find themselves preferring to make a more modest fort for themselves in the shed. This book can help him to be king of his (downsized) castle, and to escape to his shed in spirit when he can’t get away with doing it for real!

  1. Ferrari 458 Remote Control Car – £10.00

115224No matter how much you love your dad, it’s normally a bit of a stretch to buy the real thing. A remote control red Ferrari might not have the same posing power, but all dads are big kids at heart, and there’s nothing more exciting to a big kid than a remote control car!

  1. Phaze 95 piece Tool Kit – £15.00

199227The best thing about being a big kid is that you get to play with the big boys toys too! Help your dad to kit out his garage or shed with a new set of tools, and he can get cracking with a bit of DIY tinkering. If you play your cards right, he might even play handyman for your things as well!

  1. Boardman Men’s Cycling Socks – £4.99

982413Socks. When you reach a certain age, these stop being a boring necessity and become your favourite gift! Treat his feet with a pair of our brand new high tech Boardman cycling socks. How can a pair of socks be high-tech? They’re made from a special Qwick-Dri fabric, to keep feet cool and dry, and have a little bit of padding at the heel for extra comfort. Plus, they’ll match his bike!

  1. Halfords Essential Bike Tool Kit – £34.99

952259If your dad has discovered a whole new world of cycling, help him out by making sure he can look after all his new toys! This toolkit has everything you need to get your basic maintenance done and learn how to care for your bike. Don’t worry – if he makes a mistake, you can just bring it to a Halfords store for rescue!

  1. Nextbase In Car Cam 101 – £49.00

986653This is a great one for Father’s Day – it’s a little gadget that he’ll love, but it’s also a practical present that he’ll use! Dash cams are a great way to protect yourself from insurance fraud, as well as lowering your insurance premium with some insurers. It’s also good for recording any strange or funny things you might see out on the road.

  1. Halfords Advanced Professional 8 piece Screwdriver Set – £15.00

250365Screwdrivers are one of those things that you can never have too many of – just ask dad! At the very least, you need a set for the garden and a set for DIY in the house, but that’s a minimum! Just like the rest of our advanced professional tools, these screwdrivers come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be sure these will always be around when it’s time for a bit of tinkering.

  1. Garmin Edge 200 GPS Cycle Computer – £79.99

297189So he’s got a car full of gadgets, but what about his bike? If your dad’s a tech head, or just likes to ‘entertain’ you with tales of all of his latest rides, give him a GPS cycle computer. That way, he’ll even be able to take you through all of the facts and figures of his latest adventure! He can use it to keep track of his rides and progress, and it’s a really neat way of measuring things like speed on the bike.

  1. GoPro Hero Camera – £109.99

129241What do you get for the man who has everything? A GoPro! This rugged little camera is waterproof and can record high definition video or take great photos and time lapses. Attach it to just about anything – whether you’re walking the dog or jumping out of planes, it’s a great way to record your fun and have a play at making videos afterwards.

So that’s our top 10 list of gifts for Father’s Day! What have you gotten your dad? Tell us below in the comments, but maybe tell us about last year instead so you don’t spoil the surprise!

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