As you (hopefully) already know, next Monday is a bank holiday! If this has come as a bit of a surprise – or you’re at a loose end for what to do – then take a look at a of our few ideas to help you make the most of your extra day.

  1. Keep the kids entertained with back garden camping

For most of us, the bank holiday is a good chance to get things done that we’ve been putting off since the last one. At the same time, we’ve got to avoid the cries of ‘I’m bored!’ and ‘there’s nothing to do!’ from our little darlings. Sound familiar? Then break out the camping kit!

We’re not talking about sending them off into the wilderness, though (no matter how tempting that might be)! Having a camping sleepover in the back garden is loads of fun for kids, and means you can get on with getting the house in order – or kick back and enjoy some quiet time.

  1. Go away!

Packaway Table for 4 lifestyleNo, we’re not being nasty – go on holiday! There’s still time to sort out a lovely little getaway for the long weekend, especially if you want to stay in the UK. Camping is a brilliant way to enjoy the countryside and do something a little bit different and (as a bonus) is often a lot cheaper than a hotel!

You can even pack your camping kit and find yourself a small festival for the weekend – whether that’s a kid-friendly local music one or a more grown up beer festival, there’s loads on offer that you might never have heard of. Just take a look at your local ‘what’s on’ or have a mooch online to find some fun-filled events!

  1. Clean your car

Bank holidays aren’t always just about making a quick dash to the seaside. You can enjoy the extra time at home – especially when the weather is good!

07-0809-pwash-cspot3Nothing says summer like a mirror shine on your motor. Take the chance to wash off the winter muck, and give your car a polish and wax to keep it that way. Stock up on cleaning kit and read our guide to keeping your car shiny here to make sure your weekend of hard work doesn’t go to waste!

  1. Get out on your bike

The motorways might be busy with bank holiday traffic, but the rest of the roads tend to fare a bit better. Whether you plan on riding on the roads, or just need to use them to get to your favourite trail centre, make the most of your day of freedom. The prospect of an extra day to ride might even get you out in the rain, if you have to! You’ve got plenty of time for pedalling and posing, so put in some well-deserved hours working on those tan lines.

  1. Get them out on their bikes!

20100505-1171lickeyThe bank holiday is also a great chance to take the kids out on their bikes too, and means you can keep them entertained and enjoy some quality time together. Head over to your local park, feed the ducks, and treat yourself to an ice cream for a job well done. Prefer a more leisurely stroll, but still want the kids to be active? Dig out the scooters!

  1. Sort out the garage

Halfords autumn workshop 1After a winter of neglect, it’s time to uncover the lawnmower from under a pile of junk and find the pressure washer. You’ll have more time in the evenings to get things done in the garden and play with your car or bike, so organise your tools and turn your garage into a man (or woman!) cave.

  1. Do some driving

Let’s be realistic: nearly all bank holidays involve some kind of long car journey, made even longer because everyone else is doing the same thing! Whether you’re off on holiday, going to see the family or just catching up with friends, avoid sitting in traffic by using a sat nav that will lead you onto the quieter roads.

Stuck on a long journey anyway? Try to minimise the unavoidable ‘are we there yet?’s with some in-car entertainment. Whether that means travel board games or a set of DVD players, it’ll be worth it in the long run (or drive)!

What are you going getting up to this bank holiday? Have you got any other ideas or top tips for making the most of this weekend? Let us know!

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