It’s time to have another look at some of the people that keep Halfords going! Heather works for our website team as a digital conversion manager, coming up with ways to make it easier to find your way around our website. She’s also a massive Star Wars fan, and hates… ‘odd numbers'(!)

We had a chat with Heather to find out about her and what she loves about cycling.

What sort of cyclist would you class yourself as?

Getting ready for the big ride!

“I’m a bit of an oddball, I guess! I love cycling at the weekend for a couple of hours, but I struggle to turn off Netflix and get out of my PJs. There’s a cycle club at work that I try to get to as much as I can as well, heading out with the intermediate run. I do really like cycling, my problem is giving myself a kick up the you-know-what to actually get my gear on and get on my bike!

Why do you like cycling?

It’s a really great way to get outdoors, and there are loads of good routes near where I live too – nice country roads with quite a few hills (ouch) and beautiful scenery. I also like it because it’s much more sociable than running – I can talk while I’m on my bike, but definitely not while I’m out on a run!

I specifically like road cycling because even though I like the idea of mountain biking and getting covered in mud, I don’t like the thought of potentially tumbling down a hill and falling off! Road cycling seems a bit safer to me (in a weird way) and a bit more pleasant, if you will!

IMG_0040 cropped
Heather’s Boardman Sport Fi

What sort of bike have you got?

I’ve got a Boardman Sport Fi which I love – it’s great to ride and really comfy!

Any big achievements last year?

I took part in a Breeze event last year! I rode 50km around Warwick, which was the furthest I’d ever cycled. It was loads of fun, with women of all different levels of cycling experience – and it was a beautiful day!

And any plans for the coming year?

This year, I’m signed up for Ride the Night. It’s a women’s-only 100km ride around London… at night time! I’m dreading it, as I’ve never cycled that far before (and it’s a long time in the saddle), but the route looks awesome and the atmosphere should be wicked!”

Have you been inspired by reading about Heather and her cycling exploits? Head over to our site and have a look at our range of cycling equipment. Stay tuned to the blog for more posts about our team!

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