To celebrate the birth of Princess Charlotte, we thought it’d be a great time to take a look at the latest in child car seat legislation – i-Size!

You might have heard a bit about i-Size already, so here’s our quick guide to cover the basics – it’s a great way to make sure your little prince or princess can be transported safely and snugly from A to B!

What is i-Size?

i-Size is a standard for car seats that places an emphasis on safety – both when it comes to how the child sits in the car and how easy the seat is to fit. After all, it’s just as important that the seat is fitted properly to the car every time!

How is it safer?

i-Size has a few features that make it different from the usual standards. If you have a car seat that isn’t i-Size, but is EU certified (standard ECE R44.04), it’s still absolutely fine to use. However, i-Size goes one step further by offering some extra protection:

  • i-Size makes sure that the head and neck are protected, and i-Size car seats are tested for side impact.
  • Rear-facing travel is mandatory in i-Size car seats up until your little one is 15 months old – but of course it’s recommended you keep your kids facing backwards as long as possible due to it being safer. Don’t worry, they’ll still be able to wave to the adoring crowds that way, too!
  • i-Size seats are fitted to the car with the ISOFIX system. That makes it much easier to fit them properly every time, and makes sure they stay firmly in place.
  • If you’ve got an i-Size seat, it will fit all cars with i-Size seating positions (and almost all ISOFIX ones, too).
  • i-Size uses your child’s height as a measurement (rather than their age) to make sure that it fits properly. As you’ll already know, kids of the same age come in all different shapes and sizes!

So there you have it – you might not be driving the royal Bentley, but at least your little prince or princess can be sitting pretty.

Want some more info? Take a look at our guide to i-Size car seats, or check out our range of baby car seats.

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