Boardman have just released a new range of performance cycling clothing for men and women, so we thought we’d have a look at what’s on offer. But first, why would you want to wear cycling clothes, instead of just riding in a t-shirt and shorts? Well, there are a few reasons:

  • HA5A3362Wicking – That’s where the clothes absorb sweat from your skin and carry it away, helping to keep you cool when it’s hot or stopping you from getting too cold when there’s a chill. Boardman clothing uses a special Qwick-Dri fabric to do this really effectively.
  • The cut – Maybe it’s obvious, but when you’re sitting on a bike, you’re a different shape to when you’re walking around. Good cycling clothing is cut to give you a longer ‘tail’ (getting rid of the gap between the back of your shorts and jersey) as well as giving you room to reach forward to the bars.
  • Seams – Because you’re active, and the clothes are tighter, seams inside normal clothing can cause chafing while you’re riding. The Boardman range uses flatlock stitching, so the seams on the inside of the clothes are flush and don’t rub.
  • Silicone grippers – Even if the cut is perfect, all the moving around you do on the bike means that clothes can ride up and get bunched. Clothes which have silicone grippers in key areas means that the clothes stay where they need to to keep you comfortable and stop you looking a bit silly!

Boardman Road Bike Clothing

If you’re heading out on the road, it’s really important that you’re comfortable and free to move. Boardman’s road kit has you covered (literally), bringing top-end tech to riders of every level.

  • HA5A3803Road jersey – Starting at the top, Boardman’s new men’s and women’s road jerseys are made from Qwick-Dri fabric, meaning you stay cool when it’s hot, but don’t freeze when it’s not. On the inside, flatlock stitching keeps the seams comfortable while you’re moving around, and a silicone gripper stops the jerseys riding up.
  • Road bib shorts – Not many things are as important to cycling comfort as a good pair of shorts. Featuring more silicone grippers around the legs, as well as flatlock stitching, the Boardman men’s and women’s bib shorts have a high end Coolmax chamois to make sure that you’re protected whether you’re doing 10 miles or 110. They’re also available in a version without bib straps for men and women, if you prefer.

Boardman Mountain Bike Clothing

Mountain bike clothing needs a looser fit than road biking, without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement.

  • HA5A3607Mountain bike jersey – Made from the same high-tech Qwick-Dri fabric as the road cycling kit, the Boardman MTB jersey has long sleeves, flatlock stitched panels and a silicone gripper at the rear, to keep it from riding up. It’s cut specifically for riding, with a longer tail to make sure you stay covered.
  • Mountain bike shorts – The new Boardman MTB shorts come in two layers – a baggy outer and a pop-off inner lining. The inner lining has a Coolmax chamois, for added comfort, and silicone grippers, to keep them in place. The outer has loads of pockets and is adjustable at the waist and legs to suit your riding style.


But Wait, There’s More…

Of course, there’s a lot more to cycling kit than just a jersey and shorts. The new Boardman range includes the other essentials to keep you riding.

  • Gloves – Using Qwick-Dri fabric from the jerseys and shorts, the Boardman men’s and women’s cycle mitts have gel pads to help iron out vibrations from the road or trail and keep your hands from going numb. They’ll also provide some important protection in case you come a cropper, keeping your palms safe if you instinctively put your hand down as you fall.
  • HA5A3567Jacket – A lightweight jacket is really important to make sure that you’re not caught out when conditions change. The Boardman men’s and women’s jackets are windproof and water-resistant, so they’re perfect to throw on when there’s a chill in the air or a chance of showers.
  • Socks – Wearing a comfortable pair of socks when you’re cycling is almost as important as a comfortable pair of shorts. Making sure you can wick away sweat and stay fresh means you’ll be hygienic, as well as avoiding a horrible clammy feeling. Boardman’s men’s and women’s socks use the same Qwick-Dri technology as the rest of the range, to make sure nothing is left out.


Boardman’s key principles are performance, design, and quality, and this is at the heart of everything they create; from an £8000 bike to a £29.99 jersey. No matter how you ride, the Boardman clothing range has the kit to suit your style – and best of all, it’ll even match your bike!

Head over to our site to take a look at the new range and find out more.

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  1. I like the boardman range of clothing, bikes and equipment, I hope to see some trousers for using on my road bike in cool weather to match the tops


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