At Halfords, we’ve got all sorts of cyclists. Dave has been part of our website team for 5 years now. He’s currently our digital conversion manager, responsible for making sure that offers, events, and advice are in the right place on the website. We caught up with Dave to see what he loves about cycling and what he rides.

What sort of cyclist are you?

Dave: I like road cycling, but I wouldn’t class myself as a fully-fledged MAMIL yet! I try and get out at least 3 times a week when the weather is good; a couple of nights after work and a longer one at the weekend. I don’t try and break records on Strava, but I like to use it to track my fitness, which is more important to me at the moment.

What do you like about cycling?

Dave: It’s such a great way to travel. You can see so much that you never would and make friends that might never have met. I talk to so many people around the office from departments I never knew existed. My daughter enjoys cycling too, so we try to get out on the bikes when her social life allows – 11 year olds have such a busy social scene!

What sort of bike(s) have you got?

Dave: Most cyclists would say you can never have too many bikes. Only a lack of space stops me adding more to my collection!

I’ve got a Voodoo Hoodoo mountain bike, which really got me into cycling. I bought it with the intention of cycling to work and trying to get fit. After a few weeks of cycling to work, I borrowed a road bike, got caught by the bug and never looked back!

Dave’s Boardman Road Pro Carbon

The next one I bought was a Carrera Virago. It was the first carbon road bike that we sold for under £1000, and it’s a great bike. The carbon frame is really lightweight, but there’s still plenty of room to lose that off my middle as well!

Since then, I’ve also gotten a Boardman Road Pro Carbon – the matte black one from 2011/12. I’ve swapped the rear cassette from a 12-25 to an 11-28 to help me up the steeper hills! It’s really responsive, but it still feels secure on the road, and the gears and wheels are smooth and reliable.

Tell us about last year and the year ahead:

Dave: I took part in the British Heart Foundation London to Brighton ride last year, which was a great experience. I still come out in a cold sweat at the thought of Ditchling Hill! I also got to ride out with the Garmin pro cycling team, and I managed to stick with the eventual winner of the Tour of Britain, Dylan van Baarle, for at least 10-15 seconds!

My main aim for this year is keep riding as regularly as possible. Cycling kick-started my weight loss last year. I dropped 2 stone, and I need to lose a bit more this year. I’d like to do a 100-miler as well, just for the achievement.

Feeling inspired to go out on a ride? Have a look at our range of cycling kit.

Keep your eyes peeled for more members of the team!

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