Between Thursday 16th April and Monday 20th April, you’ll be able to bring your unwanted bike to any Halfords store and donate it to charity – and you’ll get 10% off a new bike when you do! To kick off the project, Victoria Pendleton came along to our Aylesbury shop and donated one of her Pendleton bikes.

Where are they going?

Bikes that are donated to Halfords are recycled and donated to communities in Africa, where they’ll be a much-needed form of transportation.

We’ve been working with our charity partner, Re~Cycle, to send bikes to 16 countries in Africa. Your old bikes can really change people’s lives, helping them to get around more easily. Even if you’re not going to buy a new one, we’ll happily take donations of old bikes for recycling.

What sort of bike does it need to be?

Adult mountain bikes are the most needed in the communities helped by Re~Cycle, but any bikes (including kids bikes) will be gratefully accepted and put to use, as long as they have no cracks in the frame and less than 25% rust.

More info

The 10% off new bikes promotion runs until 20th April, but if you can’t get to a Halfords in time, click here for a list of Halfords stores that will gladly accept Re~Cycle donations at any time.

To find out more about the Trade-In event, head over to

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