Well, that was quick, wasn’t it? Unless they have a long commute, or you live on some particularly nasty roads, there are huge benefits to getting your kids to ride to school. Of course, there are also plenty of things to think about to make sure they’re safe and happy doing it, but we think they’re well worth it in the end.

First things first

Of course, not using the car for the school run means you save money. There’s less traffic, and you’re doing the environment a favour. It can even mean less stress and more free time for you (unless you decide to ride with your child). But there are loads of benefits for your kids as well!

Good for children

Obesity levels are rising in the UK, with many children not reaching recommended fitness standards. One of the reasons for this is that children are less active nowadays than they used to be. It’s recommended that children get at least an hour of moderate physical activity each day, and riding to school is a great way of fitting this in and starting off young people on the path towards an active lifestyle later on, too.

Those who exercise regularly can reduce their risk of heart disease and other types of illness, and are poorly less often too. Teachers report that kids who cycle to school arrive more alert and attentive, and test results show that they perform better, too!

That’s not all – cycling to school is a great way to teach your kids about independence, and give them confidence. If they’re riding unaccompanied, it’s a brilliant way for them to learn about getting up and ready to go on time, because it’s their responsibility to get to school when they need to!

Keep your eyes for our next post, where we’ll cover some of the practicalities of your kids riding to school. If you’re already convinced, head over to our site and have a look at our range of kids bikes.

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