When the sun finally comes out, there’s no greater feeling than giving your pride and joy a wash.

However, with the weather and roads unpredictable, all your hard car washing work can go to waste pretty quickly.

So here are a few tips on how to keep your car shiny for longer.

Wax on, wax off…

Once you’ve given your car a thorough wash (and a polish, if it needs one), break out the wax! Car wax works by forming a hard protective layer over the paint, which fills in the bumps you can’t see and makes an even deeper shine. Because it leaves your paintwork so smooth, water will just bead up and run off (in a really satisfying way), and dust and dirt will be less likely to stick to the bodywork.

Apply a couple of layers of wax every now and then after washing your car thoroughly. When water stops beading up and running off the paint, you’ll know it’s time to do it again, and the cleaner your car is when you put on the wax, the longer it will last! When your car is waxed, it’s a much quicker job to rinse off dirt with a hose or pressure washer and dry with a chamois, instead of having to do a proper wash.

Looking after your wheels

To keep your wheels looking just as clean, give them a coating of wax too. This makes brake dust (that black stuff that builds up) less likely to stick, and makes them much easier to clean. Just remember to keep the wax off any plastic trim on your car, as it can leave white marks.

Sealant or wax?

Sealants are another product that do a very similar thing, but in a slightly different way. Where a wax is often made from natural carnauba, a sealant is normally synthetic. They can last longer and are easy to apply. Both products give a slightly different look. A wax will give a deep, liquid-looking shine, where a sealant will leave your car looking hard and glassy. The look you prefer depends on personal taste!

The devil is in the details

In between washes, a detailing spray or waterless wash is a great way to bring the shine back to your car. Simply spray onto the bodywork and wipe off to reveal a mirror image of your own smiling face!

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  1. Hi Lickwid,
    If you’re worried about swirls and microscratches when using a waterless wash, you can minimise the chances of them appearing by using a couple of microfibres and folding regularly. If you’d like to go one step further, rinse the car with a hose or pressure washer first. Obviously it’s not ‘waterless’ then, but it gets rid of a lot of the gritty particles on the car – especially if the paint is protected by a good layer of wax or two.
    Thanks for commenting – maybe we’ll cover the two bucket method in another post!

  2. Hmm. Always wary of dry washes.. or anyone that doesn’t advise the use of two buckets when washing. Microscratch city, otherwise.

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